Visjonel provides all the services you would expect from a modern electrician. Are you only installing a new lamp or are you developing a whole new area?

We carry out tasks of all sizes.

Our motto is that our clients should be satisfied with the completed tasks, and we go to great lengths to provide the best possible service. Good service should also not bankrupt you, so we offer the little extra service needed, without being in the top tier price level. 

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    EV charging

    We supply and install charging stations for both private, corporate and residential communities. Everything from a single station to larger complex facilities with smart chargers and load management.

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    At Visjonel, we believe that good communication is the key to getting a customer relationship as good as possible. Tidiness and professionalism are what you should be left with when the job is done.

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    Business and condominiums

    We provide a good framework for cooperation agreements for our larger clients. Short response time and good service. We also develop and maintain your electrical IK system.

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    24h services

    If you're having trouble with your electrical system, we have electricians on call 24/7 for immediate dispatch. At a price and level of service few others can compete with. 

    22 715 222

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    Circuit breaker box

    The breaker box is the heart of the electrical system in your house, and one of the most important things to have working properly. We troubleshoot and rehabilitate old fuse boxes as well as installing new ones.

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    Lighting creates spaces. The right lighting gives the right atmosphere, and should be pleasant whether you're doing laundry or relax in your recliner enjoying a good book.

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    Depending on the type of room and building structures, the need for different heating solutions can be vary. Let us help you find the most energy efficient way to warm your life.

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    Smart Home

    All houses can in reality be turned into smart homes. Whether you are building from scratch or want to take your old house into the future, we provide the solutions that will make it work.

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