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EV charging

We supply and install charging stations for both private, corporate and residential condominiums. Everything from a single station to larger complex facilities with smart chargers and load management. This allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. We have several reference projects in Oslo and the surrounding area

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EV charging

No country in the world has more electric cars per capita than Norway. Most of these drive around here in Oslo. This is a challenge for the electrical systems these cars will be plugged into. Do not charge your electric car in a regular outlet! They are not intended for that, and it may pose a fire risk to the electrical system.

Do you want to have the option of charging an electric car at home, at work or in residential housing?


We provide complete solutions with:


  • Power calculation for the electrical system to find the right charging system for your system.

  • Design and provide infrastructure

  • Wiring to charging stations

  • Delivery and installation of charging stations.

Everything is possible

Whether you have a brand new or an old system, it is important to facilitate proper charging for your electric car. Do not pull extension cords through the window and across the road to connect to your car. You risk putting yourself and others at risk.

We can help you with proper solutions that both you and your wallet will be happy with.


Are you in doubt about how to charge your EV? Contact us for a free inspection!


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