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At Visjonel, we believe that good communication is the key to getting a great customer relationship. Neatness and professionalism are what you should be left with when we are done.

Visjonel provides all the services you would expect from a modern electrical contractor.

What is important to you?


It can be difficult to navigate through the jungle of service providers who seem to deliver the same service. It is therefore reassuring to know that the employees of Visjonel have provided services to thousands of customers around Oslo area. And based on this, we see that what is most important to our customers is that:

  • The pricing is accurate 

  • The quality of the work is good

  • You are reassured  that the work is done properly

Vision is also a member of Norgeseliten, which is a nationwide chain with over 190 electrical contractors. Our affiliation here is a stamp of quality for us, while at the same time ensuring our customers that we are a solid company with well-established connections. Through our membership with Norgeseliten, we have many benefits that benefit our customers, such as the provision of documentation via Boligmappa .


It is difficult to know what the final price will be when ordering contracted services. We at Visjonel are committed to being as transparent as possible so you feel confident in exactly what you are paying for. By the time the electrician leaves, you have already received the invoice, and you can even settle by bank card or VIPPS right away. By offering this, we prevent you from receiving a surprising invoice in the mail. With Visjonel there are no hidden costs with driving / service car / downtime etc and all of our prices are announced in advance. In this way we ensure that both parties are satisfied when the job is completed!




There is a big difference between the work done by two people with the same education and the same job. What is important to you as a customer is that the work is carried out according to the laws and regulations that apply to the electrical industry, that the work is done nicely and that it works the way you intended it to do when you booked the job. We are constantly doing our best to deliver professional and excellent work, and our saying is that if we wouldn't do it at our own place, we wouldn't do it at your place either. We take pride in our work, and would love to snap a photo when we're done so we can brag about the results in our marketing channels. Or better yet, that you do it!

See what our customers say about us

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When you order our services, you are assured a few things. You are assured that the electrician shows up on time. This saves you unnecessary time away from work or other plans you may have had. You also assured that the electrician does nothing more than what he is told to do or does anything without your permission. With us, we will go through the job thoroughly with you in advance, to make sure we "speak the same language". For us, it is important to understand what you want the electrician to do, while at the same time it is important for us to explain to you what we do and why we need to do so without getting too technical in the language. This is how we constantly ensure satisfied customers, who recommend us!

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