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24h Services

Power failure? Problems with the electrical system? Sometimes you need an electrician urgently. We supply electricians on call throughout Oslo and large parts of Viken at an unbeatable price and service. Are you looking for a cheap 24 hour electrician? Call us!


See also troubleshooting tips and tricks further down.

Free service hotline

22 715 222


Response visit including 0,5h 


Only from kr

* Because of our fair prices, that are equivalent to competitors daytime work, we reserve the right not to send a dispatch if we evaluate the problem a "non emergency" that can be solved during normal working hours. Additional fees may apply if, irrespective of this, a customer wishes to proceed. Prices excl.VAT

When should you contact a 24h service?

You lose power in all or part of your system without any of the circuit breakers tripping .




Because the circuit breakers are there to protect your system from a failure. If a breaker triggers, we know that there is a failure on this line and the fault is made harmless by the breaker tripping. If you lose power without any breakers tripping, this could be a sign of something more serious, and parts of the system that are still live can be hazardous to life and health and could potentially cause a fire.

This is not something that should wait until the next day.

The light flashes on and off. Or the light seems to glow with "half strength". Parts of the system do not appear to have power.




This may indicate heat damage or other faults on the supply side of your system. Typically an intake fuse or main breaker, but can also be a critical fault in the breaker box itself. Open the box and smell to see if you notice something off, electrical parts melting has a very distinct smell that you'll notice quickly. If you suspect a fault, be careful not to touch or get too much inside the box. Call an electrician to do some measurements.

This is not something that should wait until the next day.

It smells of burnt rubber or "gassy" close to electrical equipment.




If you have plugged something in, such as a heater or fan, remove the plug and see if the problem goes away. If it is a fixed installation, be quick to trip the fuse to the affected area. See if the problem goes away and call an electrician for assistance. If the smell went away when you turned off the fuse, it may very well be possible to wait until the next day to have it repaired, if you are absolutely sure that you took the power to the area in question that is. But we would prefer that you call us anyway to be absolutely sure. And remember; that's completely free!

Circuit breaker tripps and will not turn on again.




If this is a part of the system that does not need electricity, this can surely wait for normal working hours. But often there can be refrigerators and freezers, which it is not always easy to get an extension cord too. Call us for troubleshooting over the phone, and we can book an appointment during regular hours, preferably the very next day!

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